FlyerZero Splash Pages- 2012

I had done some fun little robot designs for a friend’s upcoming app a bit ago.  They […]


Sketches- Maurice Sendak Tribute- 2012

Sadly, Maurice Sendak passed away earlier today.  He was an inspiration to me when I was young and has […]


Logo and site design- Maartens Memoirs- 2012

Not long ago, the bar where my lovely wife and I met while I was working in […]


Rebrand/Design work- Horse & Buggy- 2011-2012

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the awesome folk at Horse & Buggy Produce […]


Sketches- Misc- 2012

More Sketches from the app Paper by a company called FiftyThree.  I have been publishing to my Tumblr a ton lately look […]


Sketches- Robots- 2012

So I found this wonderful app for my iPad called Paper by a company called FiftyThree and immediately […]


FlyerZero Logo/Mascot Design- 2012

A good friend asked if I could come up with some ideas for a logo for their awesome web […]


Comic- BreedingGeeks character revisions- 2011

So, I can’t settle on a design.  I really like these because they fit my style and […]


Logo- SocialPong- 2011

I was brought on-board to do creative design for a fellow Full Sail student’s project.  I don’t […]


Illustration- Vector Vinyl Figure- 2011

Vectorization of one of the sketches from a couple days ago.  Did simple color and shade/highlight pass.


Sketch- Character design idea-2011

Just a quick character design idea that I used for a day of my 100 days challenge.  […]


Sketch- Vinyl Figure ideas- 2011

Some quick ideas for vinyl figures for my 100 days of creativity.


Logo- Scruffy Ones- 2011

A friend and I needed an umbrella group for a few ideas we have floating around.  It […]


Illustration- Jay and Silent Bob Case Contest- 2011

There was a recent contest announced for designing a phone case for Kevin Smith.  The theme was […]


Motion Graphic- History of MMOs- 2011

MMO History *Note: the movie file is a bit large, takes a little time to start playing.* […]


Logo- GeekLore- 2011

GeekLore is the site I launched early in 2011.  It is a place where me and a […]


Personal Logo Development- 2011

I wanted to update my web presence so I needed to start with a solid personal logo […]

Fiero Games Logo

Logo- Fiero Games-2008

This was a logo design for another indie game house that I was working with on a […]

LeapFrog School Logos

Media Design- MDMFA program- 2010-2011

These are the logos and assets from the various parts of my school project.  Chose LeapFrog as […]

Geek-a-Day Logo

Logo- Geek-a-day- 2010

Before GeekLore there were a number of sites I tried to launch.  This one I intend to […]

Gatto Games

Logo- Gatto Games- 2010

A concept for a logo for a friend’s indie game group.


Logo- TechLefty- 2010

This was for a site I had been designing that ultimately became GeekLore.


Logo- Developer Parties- 2011

There was a group formed prior to the GDC to organize a list of the parties for […]

Valknut Icon

Logo- Valknut- 2011

So, in the course of trying to come up with a logo for the Nordeeks, I happened […]

Finders Keepers Icon

Logo- Finders Keepers- 2010

Logo and icon for the Finders Keepers project.

FillTheVoid Logos

Logo- Fill the Void- 2011

A few design ideas for a friend’s band.

hollywoodandgames color TV logo

Logo- Hollywood and Games- 2011

I was asked, by a member of a GDC group on Facebook, to make a logo that […]

SoulGyr Branding Icon

Logo- SoulGyr- 2010

These are for a ongoing side project that a friend and I are working on.  It’s something […]


Logos- Beards- 2011

I often get friends asking me for logos.  Sometimes I get inspired.  I am grouping these two […]

Nordeek Logo

Logo- Nordeeks- 2011

There is a little group of folks I am honored to be a part of called The […]


Logo- Terminal Ready- 2007

A friend was renewing the look of his band a few years back and I wanted to […]

Sonic Creek Concept Logos

Logo- Sonic Creek Concepts- 2008

A friend asked me to take a stab at doing a redesign of his company’s logo, these […]

BreedingGeeks Icon

BreedingGeeks Logo- 2011

For my yet to be finished designed webcomic.

Vector Head- Brian

Vector Heads Project- 2011

When I was putting together designs for my yet unreleased webcomic project (BreedingGeeks), I settled on the […]


Logo Designs- Various- Old

These are some of the designs for various logos created over the years.  Many are game community […]

Vector tattoo design

Vector Designs- Various- 2008-2010

Various illustrations done over a few years.  From Tattoo designs to illustrations.

With more hair!

Sketches- Various- 2004-2008

Various hand drawings from my undergrad years.


3D work- Misc.-2005 to 2009

Here are a few 3D pieces I have done, from logos to lighting to mockups of concepts.


Photos- Misc.- 2009

Miscellaneous photos taken in 2009

Afton Mountain1

Photos- Afton Mountain- 2009

A few pictures taken from the top of Afton shortly after getting my DSLR.

Sleeping Beauty Comic

Comic Color- Sleeping Beauty- 2008

This is a page I colored for the Fairytale comic project.

Finders Keepers Pile

Finders Keepers Vector Illustration- 2010

This was for a social game project that is still smoldering in the background.  The lines were […]

Champions symbol

Game Assets- Champions Online symbol- 2009

Right before release, Cryptic had a contest to make symbols and have them added to the game.  […]

Cloak Design

Game Assets- LOTRO contest win- 2006

Lord of the Rings: Online, prior to going free-to-play, had my attention when they ran a cloak […]

Game Assets- Vector Misc

Game Assets- Misc- 2008

More vector assets done for the spaceship game and another concept.


Comic Coloring- Rapunzel- 2008

This was for an insert of a friend’s fairytale comic project.  The linework was done by another […]

Dwarf Colors

Comic(?) Coloring- Dwarf- 2008

This is another coloring I had done over the wonderful lines of Inkthinker.

Biker Comic Coloring

Comic Coloring- BTHB- 2006

This was a coloring I had done over the wonderful lines of Inkthinker. This is the one […]

Comic Coloring-American Dreamgirl

Comic Coloring- American Dreamgirl – 2004

Way back in the day, before City of Heroes was released, I taught myself how to color […]


Game Assets- Vector Space Ships- 2008

Created for a social game concept in 2008.